Yii.Rocks SvgInlineBootstrap


svg-inline-bootstrap provides simple functions for your Yii Framework 3 applications to add Bootstrap Icons inline and manipulate its properties.

Lacking its own style, this extension currently adds width-classes based on Font Awesome calculations.


  • bootstrap ( string ) Valid name of a Bootstrap Icon.
  • fixedWidth ( bool ) Set to true to have a fixed width icon.

Inherited options from svg-inline

  • file ( string ) Valid path to a custom file.
  • class ( string ) Additional custom classes.
  • css ( array ) Additional CSS attributes.
  • fill ( string ) Color of the icon.
  • height ( int ) The height of the icon. If height is given without width, the latter will be calculated from the SVG size.
  • id ( string ) Id for the SVG tag.
  • title ( string ) Sets a title to the SVG output.
  • width ( int ) The width of the icon. If width is given without height, the latter will be calculated from the SVG size.


echo $svg->bootstrap('alarm')->title('Wake Up');


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